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Domestic Cleaning

A Helping Hand offers a wide range of Domestic Cleaning Services around your home. We provide a bespoke service, tailor made for you and that's what makes us different.

  • Regular /Standard Clean
  • Deep Clean
  • Spring Clean
  • Oven Clean
  • After Party Clean
  • Move In/Move Out Clean
  • End of Tenancy Clean
  • Student Accommodation Clean
  • In fact any type of Clean

End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Are you a Landlord/Landlady or Tenant?
  • Do you need to clean your house ready to move out ?
  • Do you need to clean your house ready for the next tenant to move in?

We provide an 'End of Tenancy' standard or deep clean at competitive rates, saving tenants losing their deposits and landlords risking having to accept lower rents for their properties.

We are fully insured.

Just give us a key and we will do the rest and clean your property to the very best.


Commercial Cleaning /Office Cleaning

A Helping Hand offers you a wide range of Commercial Services 'tailor made for you', to ensure you are running a clean, effective, well organised and efficient business. Our service is bespoke to your requirements and that's what makes us different.

  • Regular Office Clean
  • End of Tenancy Clean (for both landlords and tenants)
  • Holiday Let/Changeover Clean
  • Student Accommodation Clean
  • Caravan Clean
  • After Party/Promotional Event Clean
  • Store Cupboard Clean

Garden Shed Declutter

Do you have an old garden shed that is full of unwanted clutter?

Why not convert it into a child's playhouse? We will get rid of all your unwanted rubbish and re-design it into a dream playhouse for your child, to bring them many years of enjoyable playtime.


Domestic DeClutter

Create Space Have Everything In Place

  • Packing/Unpacking (Move In/Move Out).
  • Re-Organise Your Rooms

Do you need to sort out and empty a property of a deceased relative?

You may have been recently bereaved and have a loved one's property to sort out and empty. It is upsetting enough dealing with the loss of your loved one and coping with the grieving process, without having to sort out all the non-sentimental possessions, so let us offer you 'A Helping Hand'. We will provide a professional service and will ensure empathy and compassion at all times.

Does your home look over crowded and cluttered?

Have you collected years of personal belongings and you have no more room?

Do you simply want to create more space in your home?

Do you want to move house and don't know where to start?

We can help you focus on keeping the things you need and helping you part with the things you don't need, allowing you to keep those extra special sentimental possessions without cluttering your home. It is difficult dealing with such a task alone so we are here to help you to create space and have everything in place, ensuring you are happy with your home and living space.


Mini Makeover / Interior Design Service

Have you Decluttered and Cleaned?

Does Your Room Need A Freshen Up?

Do You Need Help To Re Arrange Your Room?

We can add a coat of fresh paint for you, or even add some new accessories to

create a fresh new look. We offer advice on how to re-arrange your room to maximise space. 


Office Reorganise/Restructure

Are you about to setup a new business or move into a new office?

It can be quite daunting just starting a new business, without worrying if you have a fully workable office.

We can set up a complete office, providing you with a fully workable administration setup.

Create Space, Save Time. Change the way you work!

We can help you restructure, improve or introduce new systems, processes and procedures to help you work to MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY! Make better use of your work space to improve efficiency and create a less stressful and more pleasant working environment.

So whether its your Accounts, Administration Department or General Office. Let us help you to GET EVERYTHING IN ORDER! Create Space Have Everything In Place.

  • Source New Premises
  • Setup New Office System
  • Setup Filing Systems/Computers etc.
  • De-Clutter/Re-Organise Untidy Workspace
  • Re-Arrange Office Furniture
  • Store Cupboard Clear Out/Re-Organise
  • Provide Office Administration System

Sewing & Crafts  -  Just For You

A ra​​nge of homemade products including toys,  die cuts, household items and clothing alterations upon request.  ​

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